Know How an Architect Plays a Key Role in Design of a Building

Design and architecture of a space doesn’t just add to its aesthetics, but also influences your mood and the way you perceive things in everyday activities. The responsibility for laying down the aesthetics for a building comes down to an architect. He/she considers & shapes the overall behaviour of a building to create a space that speaks volumes. Moreover, an architect also plays a major role in enhancing the overall life of the building while catering optimum functionality for the space. Top architect in delhi / Gurgaon are trained and experienced in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces with enhanced functionality.

Here is how an architect plays a key role in design of a building.

1-Documentation & Drawing:

Architects play an important part in creation of detailed drawings & testing the feasibility of the project. Traditionally, the drawings and sketches were creating from scratch by hand. However, the presence of modern-day technology allows use of software such as CAD or BIM to accelerate the entire process. With drawing and documentation, the architects can opt for redrawing and multiple revisions to incorporate the changes depending on the needs of the client. It can also be modified depending on regulations and budget. You can get in touch with turnkey contractors in Delhi, NCR, for drawing & documentation requirements for your brand new project.

2-Cost Estimation:

When designing a building, an architect can help estimate the overall cost or budget in a better way. Cost estimation throughout the project provides better process control for the client as well as architect. The architects visualize complete structure of the building while bringing creativity to the designs & ideas. Also, it is critical for an architect to refrain from underestimation of the material cost or construction time. In order to estimate the budget of your project in the best possible way, make sure you get in touch with interior designing company in Delhi.

3-Easy Error Correction:

Seeking help of architects or interior designer in Delhi helps with easy error correction for the project. Everyone thinks and imagines in a different way. While as an architect you might imagine the project in one way, the client might have visualized it in another direction. Hiring experienced architects to get the job done ensures that there is minimal possibility for errors during the designing process. Experienced architects understand the needs of clients through years of knowledge in the industry. Even if there is any error in the design or something doesn’t fall in purview of the client’s requirements, it can be changed in a minimum possible time frame.

4-Best Technological Application:

The architects today use technology that makes the designing process fairly simple and extravagant. This helps attract potential clients and investors for the project. With drafting systems that is aided by computer-based software, architects can effectively visualize the designs as seen by the client’s point of view. This helps create a vivid and rich design for the clients to understand what the final output will be.


Architects are very critical to the designing process of a building. This is why getting in touch with an experienced and highly skilled architect for your project requirement is very important. Make sure you heck for experience in relevant field or industry vertical to ensure that their skills work in favour of your project.

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